Our Services

Retirement Income Planning

  • Replacement income after your paychecks cease.
  • Income streams to last for life, factoring;
    • Social Security and Pensions.
    • Health, Medical Expenses, and Time Horizon.
    • Composition of your savings and expected future taxes.
    • Budget and Lifestyle (Activity & Travel).
81% of pre-retirees consider it important or very important to have a detailed retirement income plan.

Risk Profile / Evaluation

  • Collaborating with each client, we determine the right level of risk to be taken with your investments.
  • Your profile balances your needs for income, growth, and capital preservation.
  • The Time Horizon your funds will be invested over is a primary driver in determining a suitable level of risk for your portfolio. How much time do you have to ride out the ups and downs of the markets?
  • Your current and expected future financial situation is factored into a prudent approach to risk.
  • Your personal tolerance and appetite for risk are important considerations.
We strike a balance between risks and return that will keep your investments on track, allowing you to sleep well at night.

Asset Allocation and Asset Location

  • Based upon your customized risk profile, we spread your investments across a variety of assets.
    • MCM identifies the most effective options for growing and protecting your investments.
    • We smooth out volatility by making investments we expect to increase in value over the long run, but not necessarily move in concert over the short term (lower correlation.)
  • Asset Location strives to minimize the bite of taxes.
    • MCM locates more tax-efficient investment vehicles in your taxable accounts.
    • We locate less tax-efficient investments in your tax-deferred accounts or tax-free (Roth) accounts.
The right assets in the right accounts provide your nest egg sustainable growth for the long run.

Investment Management

  • Your investments receive constant ongoing attention.
    • Markets and the economy are always evolving. As they change, we make adjustments to your portfolio.
    • Trades are made by MCM on your behalf, when we identify attractive opportunities to harvest profits, enhance income, or invest for growth.
  • You receive the attention you want.
    • Financial expertise is a phone call away. MCM is your personal financial coach.
Your portfolio benefits from ongoing attention and the knowledge of an experienced adviser. You have a trusted financial partner.